Should Roger Goodell Step Down?


It has been a rough go for the NFL Commissioner as of late, it seems like every day is some new breaking news about something else to only help tarnish the shield. While he has been a tough commissioner to end off the field issues, it is this latest batch of domestic violence stories which have seemed to send him cowering into the corner.

He spoke out after the second Ray Rice video was leaked, but ever since then, he has been hidden from the public view. He has canceled public appearances and hasn’t issued a statement. It is just starting to look like he is trying to hide from having to say anything when it is already known the NFL lied about the video tape in the beginning. At this point, fans are starting to wonder if he will keep his job after this.

The NFL is a very bottom line league and everything revolves around the all mighty dollar. Because of this recent rash of scandals, there have been some sponsors speaking out about it and showing their displeasure. Are they risking to pull their sponsorship over this? Probably not, but if they at least speak out and “rattle the cage” then they earn some brownie points with fans.

Now that we have had a few sponsors speak out and make their displeasure known, it really makes you wonder what the owners are thinking, this is the guy they brought in and now it looks like he has run away with his tail between his legs. Will he be fired by the owners? Probably not… but I think he really needs to look in the mirror and ask himself if he can fix this to a point where it won’t be a recurring problem going forward.

The league will not make any major moves until it starts hitting the bottom line, if fans want to see major changes from the league about these issues, they will have to start boycotting the games, on TV and in person. We all know this won’t happen, and that looks like it will be the only way to cause sweeping changes.

At this point, Goodell has lost a lot of his perceived “tough guy” image, and has probably lost a lot of respect from the players, coaches, fans and even owners, even though they won’t say it publicly. He could save “face” by stepping down and letting the NFL find someone else to come in and “save” the league from all of these issues. Because at this point, nobody will take anything he says serious and he has lost all of his credibility.

While he did have a press conference and vowed to make changes, it is all a little too late and something big has to be done going forward. He would be smart to step away now, before the league starts suffering.

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