Rob Ryan Hire; Is this exciting for Cowboys fans?

They say that change is a good thing, and they also say that keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Well, this off season the Dallas Cowboys have been busy with change, basically revamping the entire coaching staff. The latest addition to the staff is the son of one of the most hated figures in Cowboys fans eyes. Yes, I am talking about Buddy Ryan, he is the despicable figure who put a bounty out on a Cowboys kicker when he was head coach of the Eagles. Now the Dallas Cowboys have hired his son Rob Ryan to be their new defensive coordinator.

He has been the defensive coordinator for a little over a month, but last week was the first time he was able to speak to the media and answer questions. He did not dissappoint when he was let loose in front of the cameras. I am sure seeing and hearing this man speak was entertaining to most and maddening for some. But one thing is for sure, he is going to change the culture here in Dallas.  Needless to say what happens between now and training camp, he is a very intimidating looking guy and looks like he is ready to pull a knife out and skin you if you make a mistake(you hear that Mike Jenkins?).

This should be a great hire for the team and breathe a much needed boost into the team and coaching staff, as if hiring a new head could wasn’t enough. He will bring a similar defense to the team that the players are used to, but he has been known to bring in a few disguises and reads that are different. Hopefully this hire will ignite some fire under the organization and help bring a winning culture back to the Cowboys.

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  3. I love it. Reminds me of Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcels. No namby pamby with this guy. He will command respect…and get some of those “great cover corners” off thier duffs.

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