Red River Rivalry; NBA Style

The NBA is going to get a taste of the Red River Rivalry when the Oklahoma city Thunder meet up with the Dallas Mavericks. There has been an ongoing rivalry between Oklahoma and Texas for over 100 years in college sports, but now the rivalry will move into the NBA. This time when the teams meet, there will be a whole lot on the line, this is the winner take all scenario that every team dreams for at the beginning of the season.

But the question has to be where do loyalties lie? If you live in Dallas, attended Oklahoma, and moved back to Texas for work, where does your allegiance lie? This will ultimately tear a couple people up, especially if they had grown up a Mavs fan, but then became a Thunder fan when the team arrived in Oklahoma City. Which ever side of the fence you decide to fall in this series, there is one thing that is certain, it will be an entertaining series with two very fun superstars to watch.

The fact that both the big superstars are still fairly young, this should breed into a very exciting rivalry for years to come. But right now there is one goal on the minds of both teams and that is to win the Western Conference. The Mavericks are coming off a week long rest, and the Thunder just had to dispatch the Memphis Grizzlies in game 7. You would almost have to feel that the Mavs would be the favorites to win, since they won’t have all the fatigue and soreness from a physical series.

I predict that the Mavericks will take the series in 5 games, but depending on matchups throughout the series, this could easaily be a 7 game series.

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  2. Neat analogy Kody. At least you and Abby won’t have to fight over it. There is no crimson and cream or orange and white, so you can both pull for the Mavs. It ought to be a fun series and the Thunder has nothing to lose. I suspect they will go all out. They weren’t supposed to be here anyway. GO MAVS !

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