Realignment and Rivalries

As I ponder the thought, there is one thing which has been lost in all of this conference realignment talk.  Very simply stated; it is the loss of some great rivalries that were staples of College Football for decades.  Many schools have played each other for close to or over 100 years. Now all of it is being thrown away.  As the realignment roulette keeps rolling forward we will see conferences change even more in the future.  This will result in losing more and more of our favorite rivalry games.

While College football is in an ever changing landscape – the more we realize the money grab keeps it going. Unfortunately the fans of the sport and the athletes are the ones who will suffer. We have already lost gameslike Oklahoma and Nebraska.  Next is Texas and Texas A&M as they will be ending their century long rivalry after this season. Now with West Virginia and Pitt both changing conferences, we are sure to lose the “Backyard Brawl” which has always been a favorite.

Change is always going to be inevitable and schools will position themselves in a place where they can make the most money and grab the most notoriety. However it is sad to see so many great rivalries being thrown away for a cheap buck. College football is steeped in tradition, but with the new conferences Athletic Directors are trashing the glorious history in these traditional games for the opportunity to line their coffers with cash.

Makes you wonder what they are thinking.  I don’t think they understand what they are throwing away.  The sad part is the rivalries are being trashed for the sake of the almighty dollar and prestige (in many cases ill conceived) the schools think they will receive.  It will take decades to build new rivalries like the ones we enjoy now.  Even A&M will have to change their fight song as it is built around their intense historic rivalry and competitiveness with the University of Texas.  I suspect the new games will even seem forced and uncomfortable as there is no history between the schools.  They will not be blessed with the wonderful and historical tradition as the ones we enjoy now.  I for one will miss the rivalries I grew up with and came to enjoy every year.

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