Rapid Reaction: Armed Forces Bowl

On a beautiful Friday afternoon in Dallas, we were treated to a game that had everyone salivating at the match up from the day it was announced. The Armed Forces Bowl calls itself “More than just a game” and today that motto stood tall. Tulsa and BYU treated fans to an entertaining game from the early onset.

Tulsa started the game out on a hot streak and jumped to an early lead. And when it looked like they might be able to put their foot firmly on the throat of BYU, The Cougars were able to get points going in at halftime and grab some much needed momentum before the half.

The 2nd half turned out to be the BYU show. The only real offensive explosion came late in the 3rd quarter and put BYU in the lead for the first time of the day. The 2nd half was a pure defensive struggle and it seemed like the Defense were the ones that made the solid adjustments in the game.

Tulsa and local star G.J. Kinne retook the lead in the 4th quarter and were poised to win the game. But BYU had other plans. After failing to score on two late drives, the defense picked up a key stop and gave the offense a chance to win the game. Quarterback Riley Nelson called an audible on a designed spike play. He did the ole “Dan Marino fake” and connected with Cody Hoffman in the end zone. BYU took the lead with 11 seconds left and that was the end of the game.

Tulsa tried and failed on a hook and ladder play. BYU will be heading home with one of the neatest trophies in tow. Today was a great game, with great weather. The Armed Forces Bowl was “More than just a game”. It was an experience. But I will have more on that later.

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