Rangers Young quietly get 2,000 hits

On Sunday night, Michael Young joined a very unheralded group of players, when he got his 2,000th career hit as a Texas Ranger. This is normally not a very talked about feat and usually is just a small note in the papers, but there are some interesting facts with which this number has become more special. Michael Young has been the consumate teammate and an on field leader who has been nothing but true class. He has made numerous moves at the request of the organization and continually puts the needs of the team before himself. But even with all of that, there are still people who won’t give Michael Young the credit he deserves, It will not be noted except in the fine print that Young got to his 2,000th hit quicker than the following players, Paul Molitor, George Brett and Ted Williams.

How can anyone sit there and say that this guy is not something special? He has 2,000 hits quicker than the one guy who has been called the greatest hitter in the game of baseball. It is a fact that Young has spent his 11 year career as a Texas Ranger, and through all but one of those seasons, Texas was not a great team. But he has continually played the best he can every day and continues to be one of the driving forces behind the Rangers success. While people will find ways to nit pick and tear down Young, he is continually a .300 hitter and is one of the few guys on the roster who will play everyday if he is allowed.

Part of the Problem with Young not getting any respect is that he has not been on good teams, if he had been placed on a team like the Yankees, then his 2,000th hit would have been an hour long piece on Sportscenter. But then again people would probably want to over rate him at that point much like they do Derek Jeter. I am not saying Jeter is a bad player, or he isn’t deserving of his accolades, but he gets more attention for being a New York Yankee, than he does for being a baseball player. Michael Young deserves more fan fare than he gets and he deserves more respect from the fans and media in the area. It is too common of an occurrence where someone will blast Young for a minor mistake and go on a rant about how terrible he is. All I have to say is how can the guy be terrible if all he does is contribute and help the team win?

There was a point this season where Michael Young was one of the sole offensive contributors in the line up day in and day out. But nobody wanted to credit him, everybody wanted to complain about an error, or complain that he struck out at a bad time. Ranger fans need to look in the mirror and come to grips with reality, because if this team didn’t have Michael Young, then this team wouldn’t be as good as it is. It is time to sit back and enjoy what we have in front of us, give the guy his credit and show him the respect he so much deserves. In today’s game, he is a throwback player who plays the game the way kids do and he swallows his pride and does what he can to help the team. Most players today wouldn’t do that, they would pack their bags and wait to be traded.

Congratulations on your 2,000th hit Michael Young, can’t wait to watch you climb your way up to 3,000.

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  3. Great blog Kody. I couldn’t agree more. He is a throw back to the old days. I know he is paid well, but he plays for the love of the game. How many guys in baseball can play all the positions he plays and do it so easily? Wish we had 24 more just like him. Everything you said is true and you said it very well. Keep up the good work.

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