Rangers well represented in All Star Game

The Texas Rangers will be sending eight players to the All Star game in Kansas City. Which if you stop and think about it, is a big deal for this team. The Rangers used to be one of those teams that would benefit from the every team has to be represented rule. Now the Rangers are one of the teams with the most players in the All Star game.

The Rangers play an exciting brand of baseball, and it looks like the nation is really taking notice. Not only by the fact that Josh Hamilton lead all players in voting, but even when the team is on the road, there are a lot more Rangers fans in attendance than there used to be. Not to mention some of the personalities that are included in this line up every night.

Even though the last two season have ended differently than most fans would like. The Rangers are finally starting to earn some respect from the other teams in the league and now aren’t looked at as just a team to play. I think the seven Rangers players can attest that the team is finally looked at as a competitor.

With more Rangers on the All Star team this year, fans can have a feeling that maybe this will be the year that the American League will win this game and win home field in the World Series.

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2 thoughts on “Rangers well represented in All Star Game

  1. Love it. I just hope we get the injuries behind us, start hitting again and quit giving up unearned runs. It is a long season…plenty of time for a turn around. Good blog Kody.

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