Rangers want Cole Hamels?

There are rumors abound right now about the possibility that the Rangers have an interest in Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels. But at what cost would the potential trade happen? It has been hinted by Fox analyst Ken Rosenthal that the Phillies would have interest in Rangers 3rd Base prospect Mike Olt, who has been hitting the cover off the ball this season. This would be a fair price for him, because Olt is blocked from really making any impact with Texas because of Adrian Beltre. Beltre is signed through 2016 and has a hefty contract.

There have been thoughts that Beltre could be coveted by the Phillies but they wouldn’t want to take on his salary  with Ryan Howards monstrous contract. If there is a way for the Rangers to lure the Phillies into talks for Hamels and can avoid sending the entire cupboard to get him, then this has to be exciting to everyone involved. There is the fear that the Phillies would ask the moon and stars, but according to some analysts and “experts”  the Phillies would be happy filling some holes with quality prospects and that biggest hole is at 3rd base.

Anytime you hear about teams coveting prospects, it is a scary thought because we are just starting to see what these kids can do for the big club. This is when the front office needs to sit down and create two lists, an untouchable list and a touchable list. Obviously you can’t put all  your coveted prospects on the untouchable list,  so it is up to John Daniels to decide who is the best that the Rangers can keep. You don’t get the opportunity to bring in a quality pitcher like Hamels every day. But it is a risky move, because he is a free agent at the end of the season and it could wind up like the Cliff Lee deal from two years ago.

The Rangers need to decide if the risk of “renting” a Cole Hamels is worth it, because he is reportedly asking for a CC Sabathia type deal in free agency.

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5 thoughts on “Rangers want Cole Hamels?

  1. Good article Kody. Hope the Rangers keep their head and not do anything crazy. They have built a great farm system and need to get the highest and best use out of it.

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