Rangers have tough Road ahead in ALDS

alds-rangers-odorWhen the American League divisional series started, everybody from the media all the way down to the fan in the furthest corner of Globe Life Park kept saying “The Rangers want the Blue Jays”. Well, after two games…they got em!

As they are getting ready to head north to Toronto, the Rangers find themselves down two games to none. While it is possible for the Rangers to win three straight games, it is a tough challenge winning two of those games on the road. But this team has a “Never ever quit” mentality.

If the Rangers hope to get back on track, they will have to come out throwing everything including the kitchen sink at the Blue Jays. After the way the last two games have gone, Texas can’t let the Jays get an early lead. Because that seems to be the kiss of death for this team in the playoffs. Which is weird because this team was a comeback machine during the season.

So, Next two games on the road, having to win three straight to advance to the American League Championship series, and haven’t led once this series? No problem! The Rangers got this? I guess we will find out on Sunday when they play game three. This really will be a “must win”.

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