Rangers to Trade Michael Young?

It has been reported by numerous media outlets that Rangers utility player Michael Young is now being shopped around by the Rangers at the winter meetings. While this is still speculation and nothing definitive has been decided, it has been rumored a trade could be sought after for Young. The Rangers went out and acquired two new bats and a new 3rd Baseman this off season. Those moves were seen to strengthen the team, but left numerous questions where Young would now fit into the lineup.

The acquisition of Adrian Beltre was the first move that put Young’s time in question, but then he said he would move to designated hitter and a utility infielder, which seemed smart because he has played almost every position in the infield. But then the Rangers dealt for Mike Napoli and he was now going to be the DH, backup catcher and back up first baseman. This now left fans to start wondering if Young would be on the team in a couple weeks when spring training opens.

As of right now, he will be on the team, but reports out today have a move possibly being made with the Colorado Rockies as early as Monday. This could be a huge public relations hit for the club. Because Michael Young is probably the most popular player on the entire team, everyone will just have to sit and wait until Monday to find out of the preliminary reports are true. Fans will just have to hope that this is just off season fodder and not reality.

3 thoughts on “Rangers to Trade Michael Young?

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  2. Good article Kody. I think the Rangers are headed for disaster as I’m sure no team will pay his full contract. This is sounding more like a Tom Hicks deal than a Nolan Ryan deal. It’s a shame, he is a great player and I hate to see him go, but I understand they have to pay him about $16M this next year and that is a lot of cash for a “utility” player. I do agree it will be a public relations disaster as he is such a role model, admired and a team player. Such is life…

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