Rangers Struggling, but it’s not time to panic

Rangers fans, please step away from that big red panic button. It is not the time to start sounding the alarms and cause panic in the streets. It is just now May, and yes, the team is having some injury issues and problems with the bullpen. But it is still early in the season, and the injuries will heal and the team can right the ship. So, please return to your seats, because there is still a long way to go.

After the unprecedented succsess from last season, I realize that most of you are new to Rangers fandom, and while the bandwagon was over flowing at the end of last year, I encourage you to sit tight and ride this rough patch out. This team will have trouble repeating last years succsess, because of changes and the fact that it is tough to repeat as league champions. We are only about 1/5th of the way through this long season and there will be some changes as we go forward. So, while things are rough now, they can and will get better.

The Rangers front office is always evaluating and looking for an oppertunity to improve this club. There will be potential moves made as we get closer to, and past the all star break. If they can catch lightning in the bottle agian, then this team will catch fire and try to make another run, when it matters the most. As a long time Rangers fan, who has suffered through more bad than good, enjoy the ride now, and just keep the faith, this is one of the better teams the Rangers have had, and they will be healthy and start winning agian.

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  2. They struggled last year at times and still came through. I’m with you Kody. We’ll continue to support them. They have the makings of a good team this year too.

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