Rangers Great Season earns awards, and possible Free Agent Splash

The Texas Rangers had a great season on the field this past season. They were a couple wins shy of winning a world series title. While it was unexpected for the majority of fans, it has given everyone somthing to hope for next season. With this success, the expectations will be even higher next year. While there was great things happening on the field, there have been good things happening off the field this off season.

The first big news that happened was the announcement that outfielder Josh Hamilton had become the American league MVP. Then a day or two later was the announcement that pitcher Neftali Feliz had been voted Rookie of the Year. And the last big news for the team was that Vladamir Gurerro had been given the designated hitter award. All great achievements for the players, and some great news for the franchise. But most fans believe that Ron Washington was short changed by finishing 2nd in the Manager of the year award. Another year like this and he will have a better chance to win.

While the awards have all been handed out now, we enter the fun part of the off season, Hot Stove season. The Rangers are in talks eith their prized free agent prospect Cliff Lee, most people seem to think he will be a Yankee next season, but there is something to be said for being close to home. And now the Rangers have made a pitch to Andy Pettite, who may or may not be back next year. I am sure there will be more to come, but this is all that is happening now.

It is cool to think that the Rangers are still news worthy in the latter half of the year. Hopefully it will equate into on field success in 2011.

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  2. It was a great season and there are great expectations. The only one I felt sorry for was Wash. He did a great job and it was overlooked. What a shame. Here it is Dec and I’m excited about baseball. How fun.

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