Rangers fast start fuels fans fire

The Texas Rangers have started the season off to a great start of 6-0. While this start is great, it is also very surprising to most fans and experts because there were so many questions leaving spring training. The thought of the opening series being against the Boston Red Sox, most people were going to say a 2 -1 series would be the best case scenario.

Instead the Rangers swept the team that everyone said is favorite to win the American league. Then they followed that up with a sweep of a division foe. Coming in to the first off day of the season, the Rangers are the only American league team still undefeated and are getting ready to play another team who is off to a surprising start.

Rangers fans are beside themselves with excitement over this start, but this is a long season and things will even out. If the Rangers can just try to find a steady pace and stay away from long streaks, then they will have another banner season and could continue to build on last seasons success. First road trip of the season is the time to answer a lot of questions about how this team will play away from the friendly confines of home. In the meantime, enjoy the ride Rangers fans, because these are special days in the teams history.

3 thoughts on “Rangers fast start fuels fans fire

  1. I agree, it will even out, but I am still on a high from last season and I am hoping for another great one!! GO RANGERS!!!

  2. Nice article Kody. I love it…can’t believe everyone is talking Rangers and not Cowboys, Stars, Mavs (ugh) or NASCAR. We truly have the boys of summer right here in town. Baseball is fun again. I can’t wait each night (same as last year) to watch them grow amd glow. I know it won’t last, but God this is fun and I’m gonna enjoy it. GO RANGERS…

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