Rangers at the All Star Break


The Rangers are heading into the All Star break with two exciting back to back extra inning wins, a feat the Rangers haven’t accomplished since 1991. There is a lot more to be excited about than just the back to back wins, The Rangers are four games ahead of the Angels after one of the worst stretches of the season heading into the final homestand. Not to mention the Rangers will see some of their players return from stints on the disabled list as the 2nd half of the season kicks off.

The  baseball season is a very long and rough  one that can take it’s toll on teams, as well as players. The key to succsess is weathering the storms and injuries without losing  all your ground and momentum to your opponents. While the Rangers have done that to this point of the season, there is some question about whether this team can keep that going through the 2nd half. Players like Cruz,Napoli and even Young have been playing far below their potential to this point of the year.

But at the same time there have been players like Gentry and Murphy who have stepped up and helped out when they were asked. Will those players struggaling continue to struggle all season? It is doubtfull, baseball is a game of ebb and flow and things have a way of averging out to their true figures. Guys like Michael Young will end up at their average and have a better 2nd half than their 1st half of the season.

So what does this mean for this years team? It means the players who haven’t show up to this point of the year will end up making up for it when it matters most. The Angels will make a charge and the Rangers will have to rely on everybody to help weather that charge when it happens. Ron Washington has a knack for getting the best out of his players when it gets to crunch time. While everything hasn’t been perfect this season, just remember that there is still a lot of better baseball to played.

If the Rangers can be playing their best baseball when the calendar turns to September and into October then it will be another spectacular fall in the metroplex.

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  1. Great article Kody. You summed it up. It gave me a hope for the second half of the season. You fired me up!

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