Pujols wants big money, is he worth it?

In what has been a quiet but soon to be very contentious ordeal. Albert Pujols is entering his final year of a contract, and has requested a pay raise from the Cardinals, but has also requested a long term contract in the neighborhood of 10 years. Which if the Cardinals give him that deal would put him at 41 near the end of the contract. While being one of the best hitters in all of baseball, and one of the most consistent fielders, at this point of his career, it is tough to justify that length of contract. While he is worth any amount of money that he wants, asking for that length of contract is crazy. I understand that he is one of the best players in all of baseball, and is in his prime.

But the history of long term contracts is always a rocky one. Pujols could be one the best in the majors for 10 more years, or he could fall into a decline after this year. It is always a tightrope act to make that call. The Cardinals have to find where they are comfortable and offer him that. I am sure the money won’t be an issue, it will just be the length. The Cardinals and Pujols both want to see him finish his career in St. Louis. But if this deal doesn’t get done by Wednesday at noon, then this will be a cloud over the team all season long. This could be the type of deal to destroy a team and derail any post season aspirations. The main question to be answered will be is he worth the 10 years and how ever many millions?

Only the Cardinals management can make that decision. But knowing the history, I would say any term over 6 years could be a mistake.

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  2. Very few guys are good when they pass 40, or 35 for that matter. Nolan was the exception. These guys are crazy if they give him a 10 yr contract. No wonder game tickets cost so much with all the money the players are given.

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