Protecting Catchers is not the answer

Ever since the Buster Posey injury a few weeks ago it has been an endless stream of criticism and banter about trying to protect the catchers much like they do quarterbacks in the NFL. The only thing is that if you start to try and twist the rules to start protecting players then it will open up a Pandora’s box to lead to other things. I am all for protecting players from getting injured if there is a perceived injury threat that could be helped. But if you start to try and protect catchers from doing what they need to do, then you are altering the game in a way that will make it worse.

Injuries are going to be part of sports, whether we like or not, and sometimes those injuries are going to happen to the big name players that we don’t want to see get injured. One of the jobs of the catcher is to protect home plate when there is going to be a close play and try to keep the runners from scoring with ease. And yes this has led to potential dangerous collisions, but for every injury that has happened because of these, there are hundreds more where nothing bad happened except for maybe a SportsCenter highlight.

It was the talk of protecting the quarterbacks in football that started what will be perceived by some as the downfall of the sport and now baseball is starting down that dangerous path. I am not against protecting players from injuries that could be prevented, but at the same time injuries are a part of sports whether we want them to be or not. I have applauded the leagues for finding ways to protect players from serious head injuries, but don’t take a way an exciting part of the game that was just one bad incident that a star player gets injured. Chances are if this play was run 100 times, the times where it ended with an injury would be in the single digits. As a fan, I plead with Major League Baseball to not change the rules and let the players play and do what they do best.

3 thoughts on “Protecting Catchers is not the answer

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  2. I totally agree Kody. That is the job of the catcher…protect the plate. That’s why he has all the gear the others guys don’t have. I totally agree, if they mess with this it will change the game. No one wants to see injuries…but this is sports and things like this are bound to happen. He was a bright star and his injury newsworthy…you have to ask yourself – if he was a run of the mill catcher, would anybody be saying anything about it?

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