Players to Cuban; we want Rings

 On Sunday night after the Dallas Mavericks had clinched their first Championship in franchise history and the party moved from the stage on the court to the locker room. Mark Cuban was doing some of his media due diligence and happened to make a comment that perked a lot of ears around the country. He said that he “wants to change the game and do something besides championship rings”.  Now this has made a lot of “traditionalists” bark back about how ludicrous this thought is. But until yesterday no players had refuted the idea at all.

Then in their final exit interviews with the media yesterday, both Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry came out and said that they want rings. Dirk went as far to say “I don’t want a bracelet, I’m a man”. Now Mark Cuban has a tough decision to make here, your two biggest players on the team are wanting rings but you have already said you want to do something different. Where does the correct decision lie?

Cuban should probably do rings for all the players and coaching staff, and then if he wants to give the executives, training staff and everyone else in the organization something else, then that would be fine. I am sure the guy who cleans the locker rooms and does the teams laundry doesn’t care about some big gaudy ring. Mark needs to do the right thing here and give the players what they deserve, and that is a ring.

7 thoughts on “Players to Cuban; we want Rings

  1. You never know with old Mark…he may give them all a yacht. They can all keep them on Biscayne Bay, and of course name all of them “Heat Busters”.

  2. I want them to get rings. I agree with you, Kody. This has been so great for all the fans. I am so proud. Keep up the articles. I enjoy so much.

  3. The players worked hard and have for a long time. I think they deserve exactly what they wantas the ultimate Championship reward. Maybe he could offer options and let each choose which they prefer.
    Mark is fair, he will do what is right.

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  5. When people talk about players like Malone, Stockton, Barkely and Lebron, we don’t say “he doesn’t have a bracelet,” we say “he doesn’t have a ring.” I don’t know what Cuban has in mind but it would be like The Masters suddenly deciding to give their champion a purple jacket.

    • Very true, sure it is “old school” as mark put it. But every champion is measured by the ring, not anything else. Now if he wanted to supplement that ring with something else, then do it. But still give the guys the ring they earned

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