The great pasta incident at Oklahoma

Oklahoma SoonersNews broke yesterday about the University of Oklahoma reporting minor sanctions to the NCAA, without hearing the story at first thought; it was because of something a coach or booster could have done. But once the story was fully released, it was about some football players eating too much pasta during a graduation banquet. Wait…what?!?!?!?

Now this really made me think the NCAA has lost its dang mind because why would eating too much pasta be a violation. Yes there were some other small infractions the Sooners reported also, but the whole pasta thing just seems crazy to me.

I don’t know if Oklahoma is being overly cautious or showing some sense of a sarcastic side, but the fact something like this is becoming news is laughable at best. Then the NCAA released the following tweet yesterday.

At least it is safe to say someone in the NCAA office does have a sense of humor, it is comical to think schools are so worried about overzealous sanctions they will report players for eating too much pasta. At least you can say the players who were involved donated a whopping $3.83 to charity. I am sure those charities are celebrating such a great donation. At least the schools are trying to stay out of trouble, but I think the NCAA needs to have a learning moment with the compliance department. Because it starts with this “Pasta gate”, what will happen next? Self-reporting violations for too many gloves used during the season?

The NCAA has become nothing but a joke, and they have over stepped their authority with some sanctions (Penn State) and now they have schools scared not to report something in fear of getting sanctions. Good Job NCAA, you have become the Mob, now please don’t put me in cement shoes.

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