Packers vs. Steelers; Jerry Jones worst nightmare

When Jerry Jones built his new stadium and was able to secure a Super Bowl, the plans were put into motion to make sure that his team would be a participant. Jerry did everything he felt was right to put the team into position to be first true “home” team in the Super Bowl. But as luck would have it, everything that could go wrong would end up going wrong for the Dallas Cowboys on this supposed season of Destiny.

Instead, two of the Cowboys most hated rivals from the past are coming to town and will be playing each other. Sunday night after the line up was set for Super Bowl XLV, Jerry had to break into cold sweats and start having a panic attack. Now Jerry will have to be a humble host to both of these teams and put on a happy face for all of the Cameras. But on the inside, he will be as mad as all get out. It is bad enough that his team has only won 1 playoff game in the last 18 years, but he spent the last two years talking about how his team would be the first to achieve this feat. Now, he is more embarrassed than he ever has been and I am sure that this next two weeks will be horrible for Jerry.

On Super Bowl sunday, don’t be suprised if Jerry looks a little tired and beat down. Because I can imagine he won’t be sleeping very much this next few weeks, while he is trying to act happy about hosting the Packers and the Steelers. Between the drunken fits, night terrors and incoherent babbeling about being a lousy owner, this should be a very fun week in the Jones household. Hopefully he will contain himself enough in public, not to have another viral you tube video. Plus Jerry can always have solace in the fact that he can always try agian in 2016.

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  2. Poor ole Jerry. One of these days he may figure out he is not a “football guy”. He is probably one of the greatest owners in the history of the NFL, but is probably the worst GM in the game. His marketing skills and business acumen has changed the game. If he would just hire a “real” general manager, keep his ass off the field during games and act like an NFL owner then I’m sure he could find another Jimmy Johnson. He hasn’t figured it out yet. What success he had was with Jimmy, even Switzer and finally the team Bill Parcels built. He didn’t do anything but run them all off and get in the way. He’s as bad as the Dallas City Counsel letting the Cowboys and Rangers out of Big D and making Irving and now Arlington the sports capital of the metroplex.

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