OSU: Oregon South University?

If you have been watching Oklahoma State at all this season, you have surely noticed they are starting to emulate a school in the Northwest which has more uniform combinations than players.  Yes, I am talking about Oregon, and now Oklahoma State is trying to become the “Oregon of the South”.  This is comical, because Boone Pickens at Oklahoma State is as well known as Phil Knight at Oregon.

I guess you have to have some multi-billion dollar booster to be able to join the “uniform idiocracy” club.  All of the schools with major money boosters have gone to this uniform overhaul. Oregon, Maryland, Oklahoma State are all part of this club and are also part of the problem with college football in general. Oklahoma State had to do something to break out of the shadow of big brother Oklahoma, right?  But you can’t tell me that just stepping up and winning on the football field wouldn’t accomplish this.

Now every week when Oklahoma state comes on TV, I am attacked with a visual assault that not only makes me think I walked into a 3rd dimension, but makes me question if the players are color blind, or just don’t care how stupid the uniforms really look. It is noted on Oklahoma State’s website that they have 48 different uniform combinations…48?!?!?!?!?!  Are you kidding? Why on earth would a football team need that many different looks? They only play 12 games a season.

There are 3 different helmets to choose from White, Matte Black and Anthracite (Primer gray?), 3 different Jersey colors -Orange, Black and Gray and 4 different pant colors Orange, Black, Gray and white. I don’t see how this can be a recruiting tool, because you have to understand arithmetic to be able to decipher the uniform combinations.  I can also guarantee that no player in that locker room is going to be a math major and even understand how to spell arithmetic.

Welcome to “Uniform idiocracy” Oklahoma State, I now dub thee Oregon South University. Now you will never break out of big brothers shadow, because you have fallen into Oregon’s shadow as well.

Guess I am old school, but I liked it the way it was. What is this football world coming to?

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2 thoughts on “OSU: Oregon South University?

  1. Agreed Kody. Let it be. I love all of the schools who keep the classic look…LSU, Texas, Alabama, Penn St, USC etc. When you see them you think, ahh football.

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