An Open Letter to Jerry Jones

Dear Mr. Jones,

I have been a “True Blue” Cowboys fan for every one of my 30 years on this planet, and I have spent every one of those years following the Cowboys blindly through good times and bad. While in the early years it was all fun and games. I had the joyful experience of watching my team win the 2nd of a back to back Super Bowl run in Atlanta back in 1994. But last night I saw something far less joyful and more sickening than I got to see those many years ago.

For the 2nd week in a row, I watched a team sit there and toy with my emotions, make me believe they were about to turn the corner and start doing something great, only to have my heart ripped out in the process. It seems like this team is always going “through the process” but can never turn that “process” into a victory. It is maddening to go through so many Monday’s after a loss when you can look at the game and say “they should have won”

Ever since you let Jimmy Johnson leave, this team has been on a steady slide to mediocrity, this was once a proud franchise and was beloved by most “average fans” that didn’t have a team to claim as their own. Now this team is becoming more and more of a laughingstock. You have turned this franchise into your own personal toy and in the process, destroyed it. You are a great owner, you can find numerous ways to brand the Cowboys and make revenue. But when it comes to coaches and personnel, you really suck as a General Manager. You should do all Cowboys fans a favor and fire yourself as GM, and name Stephen the new General Manager effective immediately.

At the beginning of the year, it looked feasible to win 9 or 10 games and make the playoffs, but after the last two weeks it seems like this team would be lucky to win 6 games. You can blame the players for not making plays, but you picked them. You can blame the coaches for not coaching the players up, but you picked them. You can point the blame every where you want to Mr. Jones, but everybody in the area knows who is to blame for this trash week in and week out.

You are the common denominator in this problem, you can’t scout talent, you can’t select the right coach and you are horrible at your job. You said it yourself last night, you would have fired yourself as GM, now do us a favor and follow through. Until you do that, this team won’t win and won’t have a chance to win. Do the right thing Jerry; it’s time to take one for the franchise you say you love.


A disgruntled Cowboys fan

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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Jerry Jones

  1. Wow. I love it. You spelled it out perfectly Kody. Great article. You called it just like everybody sees it. It’s his big old ego that has killed the Cowboys. To be as smart as he is, he is as Dale Hanson said last night, the “village idiot”.

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