One to go; Rangers can smell a Championship!

Monday Night the Texas Rangers did something many would have never thought possible. The Rangers have been the perennial hard luck franchise, blessed with a “loveable loser” mentality. They have had a little success, but thanks to bad ownership and horrible trades, they spent most of their years in the basement. Then, what seemed out of the blue, came last season with the unexpected break through which propelled this team all the way to the World Series. This was the first time in franchise history and what a thrill it was. They became “the little engine that could”. Unexpectedly, at least to most people outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the Rangers are back in the World Series and one win away from becoming World Champions.

Rangers fans need to think about this long and hard…because their hard luck franchise is one final victory away from being champions. Last night’s win over the Cardinals is one that showed the resolve which the fans in the area have come to love and expect. This is one spot most lifelong Rangers fans have only dreamed of – but this one is very real and with Game 6 coming up in St. Louis, could have the fairy tale ending they and the team so deserve.

This team has been totally unorthodox and has gone about winning games throughout the year without a “true ace”. This Rangers team is like a scrappy little underdog in a heavy weight bout that everyone gets behind because they debunk the myth of winning without an “ace”. With the chance at winning their first championship, the Rangers are so close they can literally smell it. For all the fans in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, there is hope this has the fairy tale ending and the Rangers will have their “one shining moment”. Who knows? It may be the beginning of a dynasty.

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