Oh! Maryland, Why?

On Monday night as most of the country was settling down for an evening of College football that would be the cherry on top of the College football sundae that Labor Day weekend had been. While the players were out for warm ups and preparing for the game, nothing looked out of the ordinary, it just seemed that Maryland would wear some of their new uniforms that they had unveiled earlier this summer for the first time in a game. But once the team returned to the locker room, all bets were off.

Once the teams returned to the field and everyone could see that Maryland had pulled the ole switch-a-roo and changed into different, more extreme uniforms. At first glance, you weren’t quite sure what the new uniforms were, they looked like a half and half combination that some kindergarten student, or blind person created. Then upon closer inspection, you realized the half and half was the two different parts of the state flag. But the fact that they combined this on a helmet and on the shoulder section of their jerseys went above and beyond crazy.

I think once Maryland walked out on the field in these atrocious uniforms, they had the game won, because if the players from Miami had to look at up close what I had to from afar, I am sure it was worse. This uniform was nothing but an assault on the eyes and I am sure ESPN lost a lot of ratings once people got a look at these uniforms. I can only hope that this is the last that we will see of this hideous and disastrous looking combination.

The Maryland and Miami game will not be remembered for a quality game between two conference foes, but it will be remembered for the unveiling of what has to be the absolute worst uniforms ever created. Oregon better get back to the drawing board and figure out a way to top this one, because after seeing these things, they are no longer the rulers of the worst uniforms in College Football.

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3 thoughts on “Oh! Maryland, Why?

  1. Whoever designed them and approved the players to wear them were idiots. They were embarassing. Awful and stupid looking.

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