Oh Happy day! It’s Opening Day

I have already covered my MLB Previews for the upcoming season, but this is a special day, and weekend for baseball fans around the country. Today is the day that the season begins a new and every team has the hopes and dreams of a winning season and a long playoff run. While most teams will not accomplish that ultimate goal, others will see their season change numerous times and either end blissfully or end bitterly. When it is all said and done, every team except for one is disappointed, most other teams will face their disappointment in October as opposed to the end of the World Series in November.

Today is a day for celebration and excitement, because for the first time since November, fans will hear that special crack of the bat, thump of a ball in the glove. Enjoy the smell of hot dogs,peanuts and the freshly cut grass, take in the sights and sounds. Because is this is a day like Christmas and it only happens once a year. Today everybody has no losses, and every fan is dreaming of the ultimate celebration. October is a long ways off, so today is the day that everyone enjoys the most. It is the first game of 162, but for baseball fans alike, this is the first day for seven months of baseball heaven. Enjoy the season folks!

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4 thoughts on “Oh Happy day! It’s Opening Day

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  2. I LOVE Opening day!!! It should be a holiday!!!! I am fairly sure I will cry tomorrow as I watch the first pitch being thrown for the Rangers 🙂

  3. And Oh!…what a Happy Day it was. The Rangers won in grand fashion. I love the Rangers…and sorta like a few other teams. Got to see the whole game on TV today and it was great. Good article Kody. Love your site.

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