Hello Notre Dame, Where have you been?

Notre Dame is #1 for first time in 19yrs, can they survive one more week?

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish ascended to the top of the College Football world for the first time in almost twenty years. The last time we saw the “Golden Domers” sitting atop any poll in college football, Lou Holtz was pacing across the sideline. The landscape has changed immensely since Notre Dame was relevant and atop the polls.

But in those nineteen seasons since Notre Dame was last ranked #1, there has been a lot of “hoopla” and undeserved praise for the Irish. It seems like every season the Irish were picked to be a major player and almost every year, they fell very short. Does this mean everyone who picked the Irish for the last 19 years was right?

Notre Dame seems to carry the same weight with the media and “Talking heads” that the Cowboys do in the NFL. No matter how good, or bad these two teams are, they are always the glamour pick within the media, even when they least deserve any credit.  Maybe Notre Dame has a target on their back because they have a huge television deal with NBC and everyone else has to share with conference tie ins.

Notre Dame is the last team standing with an undefeated record, and has a chance to finish the year undefeated and possibly make their first BCS National championship game.  While some would say a one loss team may be more deserving than an undefeated Notre Dame, you can’t take away from the fact they scheduled a tough schedule. They just got lucky that a lot of their opponents were having down years

While this will be the first time a lot of young college football fans will see the Irish atop the polls, the media has made sure they are not irrelevant, even in their worst seasons; they were one of the most talked about teams in the sport. Now the Irish have a chance to deserve all the praise and adoration from the media. But before they can bask in the “glow”, they need to take care of business against USC and possibly in the National Championship.

One thought on “Hello Notre Dame, Where have you been?

  1. They are sorta like America’s College. Any good Catholic (or any other denomination for that matter) athlete wants to go to ND. Years ago they were deserving and always a big deal. It’s almost like they’ve had Jerry Jones picking their coaches and making decisions; but at any rate they look like the real deal this year. We’ll see.

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