North Texas accepts Heart of Dallas Bowl bid

The North Texas Mean Green have accepted a bid to play in the Heart of Dallas Bowl on January 1st. This will be the 2nd time in the Mean Green’s history they have played in a New Year’s Day bowl game. This first game they played on New Year’s day was the Salad Bowl(yes, it is real) back in 1948. The Location for this bowl game is perfect for the Mean Green, they will play at the historic Cotton Bowl stadium in Dallas. This will give very fan from Denton and the surrounding areas the chance to attend the game.

This bowl game ends a nine year drought for the Mean Green, and they will have a prime opportunity to showcase the school and the up and coming program on national TV. The Mean Green have a history of playing in the Cotton Bowl, but have never won a game there in their previous three tires. But those previous teams were nowhere near as good as this team is. The Mean Green will hope to cap off the New Year with their ninth win of the year and have a great building block heading into 2014.

What better way to spend New Year’s day than at the historic old Cotton Bowl Stadium watching North Texas play in their first local bowl game. If you are interested in attending the game then go to Mean Green Sports to get ticket information.

2 thoughts on “North Texas accepts Heart of Dallas Bowl bid

  1. Way to go “Mean Green”. The eagle is flying high. How wonderful to have a local team in a local bowl. The metroplex has thousands of alumni in the area, so hopefully they will head to the game. Good job Kody. Nice article.

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