Nolan Ryan Curse?

Nolan RyanDid Nolan Ryan curse the Texas Rangers when he left?

Back in the off-season, Nolan Ryan made a statement to the ownership group, which had been slowly shrinking his power and control within the franchise, he pretty much said “It’s him(John Daniels), or me” and the ownership went with the latter and chose John Daniels over Nolan Ryan, which seemed to irritate and upset most people within the fan base.

Now we fast forward to the end of spring training and it is almost a daily occurrence of another Rangers player getting injured and some key pieces are now unlikely to miss Opening day and even some time into the first month of the season. This has led some fans, and sports talk personalities to get behind the “Nolan Ryan Curse”.

While most “sane” people will tell you, a curse does not exist and there is a simple explanation to the rash of injuries the Rangers are experiencing. But most sports fans are far from “sane”, a true fan will be delusional and even a little eccentric when it comes to their teams. Which is why the curse talk seems to be gaining more steam by the day.

But why would Nolan Ryan want to curse the Rangers? Would it be because he hates John Daniels? he feels like he was more responsible for all the success over the last few seasons? or is it because he feels like he got pushed out by a numbers geek, and for an old school baseball guy, this leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

It is very unlikely Nolan Ryan would curse the team he used to play for and help build, This looks more like a bunch of players who have been playing a lot of innings are breaking down, except for Derek Holland, his injury was a fluke accident. John Daniels is in the biggest no-win situation here, because if the Rangers win, it will be with “Nolan’s guys” and if they lose, it will be all his fault.

There was probably a bigger power struggle behind the scenes and it looks like John Daniels won (for now). While he hasn’t been seen as the most competent GM, he has done more good than bad lately, but most fans credit Nolan before John.

Did Nolan Ryan really curse the Rangers? No, this is a bunch of baseball players who have logged more innings than they have ever had too over the last three or four years and their bodies are showing signs of the fatigue. But as long as bad things keep happening, the curse talk will continue, and don’t get me started if the Astros happen to make a turn around this year and finish ahead of the Rangers.

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  2. I don’t think Nolan would put a curse on the Rangers except by his absence. If a curse has been placed, it was by upper management who chose Daniels over Nolan. Good article.

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