No More Nap-o-li

Ranger’s fans just recently found out from the local media, fan favorite and resident Angel killer Mike Napoli is going to sign a contract with the Boston Red Sox. While you can’t blame the guy for taking the offer of three years and 39 Million to move the “bean town”, it will have an adverse affect in stadium atmosphere going into next season.

Every time Napoli came up to the plate, and especially in big time situations there were chants of “Nap-O- Li” throughout the ballpark. He was an exciting player and found way to get it done when it needed to get done. Besides losing a fan favorite in the lineup, there is also going to be a big hole to fill because he was a top producer for the Rangers in his years here.

While his numbers weren’t stellar last season, he proved in 2011 he is capable of a great year. Not to say his numbers were bad last year, but after batting .320 with 30 homeruns, anything short of that would seem like a bad year. Even though his .227 average and 24 homeruns were nothing to shake a stick at, I think the Rangers were hoping the slide in production would offer some help on the contract offer.

But like with any other negotiation, there is always someone out there who is willing to pay for the chance of increased production. While most fans will wish the best for Napoli in Boston, it is with the hope he won’t become another former player who likes to be a “Ranger killer”. Anyone who has followed Texas for any length of time can give you a list of players 10 deep.

5 thoughts on “No More Nap-o-li

  1. Good post Kody, but no way he is worth that much money. He may come back and kill us, but with the savings maybe we get a good front line pitcher.

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  4. Excellent work Kody. Welcome to SBM .
    Napoli will surely be missed but it should be interesting watching him play first base full time in Boston.

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