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The Dallas Stars just recently unveiled a new logo and new sweater to keep with the overall change going on within the franchise. They even have a new slogan “New Star Rising” to put the cherry on top. This wholesale change started right after the season ended when they fired Joe Nieuwendyk and hired Jim Nill.

The First thing Nill did in his new role was fire head coach Glen Gulutzan. The sweeping changes didn’t stop there, as the franchise decided it was time for a “new” look. Besides the logo being updated, they changed the color scheme of the sweaters all together.  Gone are the old colors of Gold, black and dark green, now they have changed the primary color to “Victory” green, with black and white.  It will be shock for fans of the old colors, but it is a welcome change.

New Logo2


The Franchise looks to finally be trying to make the sweeping changes to bring life back into a dormant hockey fan base since the early 2000’s. Once the team has a new head coach, this will be a full clean slate One big change for the upcoming season will be the fact the Stars are no longer in the pacific division, they will not be in the central now and will no longer have so many games out on the West coast. This will be a welcome change to the schedule and hopefully keep more fans interested as the season drags on.for a team that hasn’t had one since their move from Minnesota in 1994. This team is young, and will hopefully be able to make the moves to put them back on the Hockey map.

Hopefully with all of these changes, the logo, uniform and slogan won’t be the only things on the “rise”, fans are hoping the play on the ice will follow suit and mark the Stars “Rise” back to the top of the hockey landscape.

It’s the dawn of a new era in Dallas and the Stars hope to be the one rising.

New Sweaters

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  1. I’m all for it. They needed a lot of changes and they are making them. The colors are closer to what they were when they came here from MN. Way to go Stars. Nice article Kody.

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