New Ownership, Brings new hope to Stars

The Dallas Stars finally have a new owner, and are officially out from under the “Hicks” curse.  Thank God.  Hicks was the only owner in history to destroy a NHL and MLB team at the same time.  Ironically they both ended up in bankruptcy court.  Now what does that say about Hicks?

The Stars proudly introduced the new owner, Tom Gagliardi (Pronounced Guh-lar-dee) to a group of reporters and other people at American Airlines Center last week.  He is a frank talking Canadian with family roots tied to Texas.  His accent is obviously not Texan, but I bet he will become a “good old boy” right away if he can get the Stars back to being a contender.  He does have some experience as an owner with his minor league hockey team.  At first I didn’t think he made any sense as am owner, but he said he wants to help build the Stars back into a contender and that’s all I need to hear.  By the way, he has the “cash” to bring in the players we need to be a top tier team.

Gagliardi’s plan is simple – hire good people and let them run the organization while he sits back ready to assist. Wait!!  What? Pinch me!  I must be dreaming!  There is actually going to be an owner in Dallas who will have some common sense?  This won’t fit in the mold of Jerry “control freak” Jones and Mark “it’s my toy, and I can do what I want” Cuban.  But maybe this novel idea, that seems to work everywhere else, will finally take hold here.  Other teams do it without the owner meddling in hockey affairs, and so can we.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

While he has ties to Texas, Tom Gagliardi is also a lifelong Cowboys fan.  That ain’t all bad.  He inherited this devotion from his father, who married a Texas woman.

At the press conference he joked he hasn’t been invited to “Jerry World” yet, but is patiently waiting for his invitation.  Tom’s father who was at the press conference had the best line of the day when he said, “A good CEO doesn’t have any ego”.  Hear that Jerry?

Now that the Stars have gotten rid of the curse known as Tom Hicks, Gagliardi brought back former president Jim Lites to move back into his old role as the head cheese. This is an exciting turn for Stars fans, because under Lites, this team had a run of success.  Maybe those days are coming back sooner than expected with the new owner and some familiar faces returning to the front office.

Welcome to Dallas Mr. Gagliardi, we look forward to seeing your plan bring the Stanley Cup back to Texas.

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2 thoughts on “New Ownership, Brings new hope to Stars

  1. Love it Kody. They are a rag tag team right now, but with leadership they can go back and reclaim the cup.

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