New Moody Madness

The SMU Mustangs have quickly become one of the hottest things in Dallas with their surprising play over the season and a few timely upsets to help catapult them into the media’s cross hairs. The Mustangs have now jumped into the AP top 25 for the first time in 30 years and have fans and media thinking this team could be on the verge of earning a spot into the NCAA tournament. For most fans this seems like a very quick turnaround under second year coach Larry Brown, but he has a track record of turning teams around sooner than expected. Thanks to Brown and his job, there is a new strain of “Moody Madness” going around.

The Mustangs have been on a tear since opening up “New” Moody coliseum on January 4th. The Mustangs have reeled off seven straight home wins and only lost two road contests in that stretch. While there is still a lot of time to play in the season, the Mustangs have fans paying attention drawing people like Jason Garret and Tony Romo to games at home. It is slowly becoming the hottest ticket in town, which brings about the old saying of “Dallas loves a winner”.

The Mustangs are currently undefeated at home, but the first half of the home schedule was played at another venue so they could finish up the renovations. Even on the year, the Mustangs only have 5 losses and with the momentum building toward the end of the season, there is some talk the Mustangs could make a deep run in the American Athletic conference tournament and wind up catching a bid to the “Big Dance”. But there is still a lot of work this team to even have a chance to catch a bid, they can’t let up and think they have earned it yet. They need to keep pushing and try to finish strong, because the stakes will get higher with each game. They will have to continue to prove themselves at the conference tournament, because this team hasn’t had any success in 30 years and the selection committee likes to reward teams with recent success.

If you haven’t caught the new “Moody Madness” now is your time to stop sleeping on the Mustangs because they are one of the hottest things going right now and you may see something special of this team before it is all said and done. This was the reason the Mustangs went after Larry Brown and it is paying off for them, not just on the court, but in recruiting also. Before this is all said and done, Brown may Prove Dallas isn’t just known for its football. Keep your eyes on the Mustangs, good things are happening for the Mustangs.

Here is the remaining schedule for SMU:

02/13/14 at Rutgers (ESPNews) *  Piscataway, N.J. 6:00 p.m. CT
02/16/14 at Temple (CBSSN) *  Philadelphia, Pa. 1:00 p.m. CT
02/19/14 vs. Houston (ESPNews) *  Moody Coliseum 7:00 p.m. CT
02/23/14 at Connecticut (CBSSN) * Storrs, Conn. 1:00 p.m. CT
03/01/14 vs. UCF (ESPNews) *  Moody Coliseum 3:00 p.m. CT
03/05/14 vs. Louisville (CBSSN) *  Moody Coliseum 6:00 p.m. CT
03/08/14 at Memphis (ESPN/ESPN2) *  Memphis, Tenn. 11:00 a.m. CT

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  1. Though he has received criticism for never staying in any one place for very long, Brown is hailed as one of basketball’s greatest teachers, and is well known for turning losers into winners. The Nets and the Clippers are not only the “second teams” in their metropolitan areas, but have long been regarded as laughingstock franchises. Prior to the 2001 arrival of Jason Kidd , the Nets had made the playoffs in only 10 of their first 25 seasons in the NBA. Two of those 10 times were in 1982 and 1983, under Brown. The Clippers, in San Diego and Los Angeles combined, made the playoffs in only three of their first 27 seasons. Two of those three playoff appearances, in 1992 and 1993, were under Brown. Those were also the second and third of the three times the franchise had finished .500 or better since moving in 1978, after being the Buffalo Braves, until finishing over .500 and making the playoffs in 2006. The Spurs had been an NBA power for most of the 1980s, but faltered for several years after the departure of George Gervin before crashing to the worst record in the league in 1988–89 , Brown’s first season. In his second season, however, the Spurs made the biggest single-season improvement in NBA history at the time, leaping all the way to a division title. The Pacers had been an also-ran for most of the time since coming from the ABA, with only three winning seasons in their first 18 years in the league. However, Brown led them to their first two finishes better than two games over .500, as well as their first division title as an NBA team.

  2. Great blog Kody. I wish Jerry Jones would hire Larry Brown, or at least someone like him. That guy is a leader and knows how to build a team. I hope they fill up the arena every game. Go Ponies.

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