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This year was the first year under an expanded NCAA Tournament where 68 teams make the dance and we were treated to the “First Four” at the start of the tournament which a few of those games turned out to be entertaining. As with the normal March madness routine, fans sit on there couches from sun up to sun down and enjoy a basketball feast to end all feasts. But this year there was an enjoyable twist, you get to decide the game you focused on. That’s right, all the games were on four channels and staggered by 15-30 minutes, so fans could watch and see which game was getting down to the wire.

Aside from being able to watch what I want when I want, there were the usual suspects in the tournament and some new faces that I had to google to learn more about. It is always fun watching teams from all over the country and learn more about these teams as they get deeper into the dance. Some of this years surprise participants in the sweet 16 are the Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth, Florida State and Marquette. You could even say Butler is a surprise to be this far, but they were in the championship last year.

While these teams have put their best foot forward and continue to push forward, it is looking like Ohio State is going to be team to beat, but they will have their hands full in the next round against Kentucky. While the Cinderella title is still up for grabs, the rest of the teams remaining are almost a who’s who of Tournament time. If next weekend can live up to the excitement of this past weekend, then this is going to be on par as one of the best tournaments in recent years. Hopefully this format and the channel options will last for years to come, because that alone has made this the best tournament yet in my opinion.

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  2. I love the new format. Can’t believe all the networks worked together, but it has been fun. Grand time of the year and I love the way they presented it.

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