NCAA needs to nail Jim Tressel to the wall

 It came out on Monday night that Jim Tressel was notified months before the Tat-gate incident at Ohio State. Now that the story has come out and the school has responded to the story and decided to suspend him for two games and fine him $250,000.00. This seems like a joke of a punishment that the school wants to make it seem like this is taking it serious. But the NCAA is still investigating and has a chance to make a statement.

The NCAA has been very easy on the punishment phase of some of the most recent investigations, and has shown fans across the country that they will not lay the wood to a cash cow. As it stands, it seems like no school really fears the NCAA and has no intentions of changing it’s practices of finding ways around the rules. Every Time a school gets caught cheating or in a scandal, they throw up a very feeble attempt at punishment and have it accepted by the NCAA.

Jim Tressel knew what was going on, long before the story ever broke before the bowl game. He never turned any of his information over to the school, and then never said a word when the NCAA was investigating the players. To me, this seems like a blatant slap in the face and he should be nailed to wall for this, and the school should take a hit as well. If the NCAA doesn’t lay the wood to Tressel and Ohio State for this fiasco, then they will continue to be a laughing stock and there will continue to be blatant cheating and lying in college football.

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8 thoughts on “NCAA needs to nail Jim Tressel to the wall

  1. How can you call this a fiasco? This is noting getting turned into a big deal. This is the ncaas way of getting everyones mind off of the Cam Newton fiasco. But i guess you think that the NCAA did a good job with that. Just wait the day is coming when your prescious little longhorns are gonna be in some trouble and lets see what you write about that in your blog.

    • This is a fiasco in the sense that Tressel hid this information from the school and even the NCAA. The NCAA punished the players for selling items given to them by the school for financial gain while still playing college football. According to everyithing written, Tressel was notified months before the NCAA knew about it, yet he did nothing. In a sense, if what the players did was breaking the rules, then so is what he did.

      As for the Cam Newton deal, that is a slippery slope of he said/they said. Nobody has ever come out with rock solid evidence that he was ever sold to Auburn, and it was always a mysterious paper trail and phone calls made between his father and Miss St. If the tapes get released that have his voice, his dad’s voice and rock sollid evidence he was being sold, then they need to blast him and Auburn. But right now this is all a case what if’s and one school pointing fingers because they feel slighted.

      I am not one to think that Texas is clean, I think every school in the NCAA is dirty to some degree, the ones who avoid getting caught are just bending the rules better than the ones who aren’t. But if the NCAA starts cracking down the way it should on teams, then if Texas does get caught and it is blatant, then they deserve the punishment they get. As a Longhorns fan, I would hate it, but would accept it because they got caught.

    • You go get ’em Kody. Good article. At least the “poor sister” schools haven’t been caught cheating. Hope the NCAA takes it to them. You stirred up a lively debate…way to go.

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  3. You nailed it Kody. We are definately on the same page when it comes to the transgression here, and the lack of enforcement as a result is a hyterical joke, if you like bad jokes. Nice piece. As a UCLA fan, I dealt years ago with what could have been a tremendously bad aftermath of the Jim Harrick era, when he got caught being seedy with his recruiting practices. He resigned in disgrace, and the Bruins took years to recover. Even though Harrick brought UCLA their last basketball championship, I still detest the man for smearing the program like he did.
    Lukas seems to lack some understanding that the truth being spoken is not a bad thing. As I have said many times, people need to demand more and demand better from their schools. That does not necessarily mean wins and losses, but it means gaining those wins and losses while doing the right thing. Sorry to have to offend Auburn fans and Ohio State fans, but your recent accomplishments have zero credibility.
    Once again Kody, great job!

    • Thanks for the kind words Scott. This along with the Newton case have really gotten under my skin as a college football fan. I just hope the NCAA can regain control and quit letting the inmates run the asylum.

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