NBA’s most hated man? Baron Davis can’t catch a break

When Baron Davis was drafted in the 3rd round by Charlotte, there was hope for a great career on his mind and in the minds of experts. While he has been in the league around 11 years now, he has made a habit of winding up on some of the worst franchises in the NBA. Don’t get me wrong, he is a solid player and can put up some solid numbers, but overall the guy can’t catch a break. He has played in Charlotte, New Orleans, Golden State, Los Angeles(Clippers) and has just not been sent to Cleveland.

Other than one or two good years on Golden State, he has always been on teams who are very poor and really have no shot at the playoffs. If this guy could ever wind up on a solid team, he could be real dangerous. But with the latest trade, it is almost seeming like he is a very disliked individual by the teams that matter. As a fan of the Mavericks, I would like to see them make a push for a player of his caliber at a trade deadline. Plus with as dangerous as he can be, he can’t hurt you if he is wearing your jersey.

5 thoughts on “NBA’s most hated man? Baron Davis can’t catch a break

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  2. What a stupid post! Cmon, no insight, no opinion, none that a retard could not come up with at least. And it is silly and just stupid.

    • I thought it was a good post, but everyone is entitled to their opinions. Thank you for visiting the site, hope you will check back on my other posts.

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