National Championship Preview and Prediction

Monday night the country will be treated to a good match up of the two teams left standing from this year’s tournament. The Butler Bulldogs are Cinderella for the second year in a row and have an opportunity to shock the world and steal a championship away from the Connecticut Huskies. Coach Jim Calhoun is back in the championship game and he wants to win his 3rd championship to cement his legacy.

The Butler Bulldogs came within one miracle shot last season of winning it all and shocking the world. But this year, they weren’t given any favoritism when they were an 8
seed coming into the tournament. They have won every game by close proximity, but this is setting up to be a great game. Both of these teams are very well matched and this could come down to who makes the shots when they count. As it stands, UConn will be the favorite and probably will have the best chance to win all of it. But I am not going to count Butler out.

I have run the simulations and everything is leaning towards an UConn victory. But I am going to go against this trend, and say that Butler is going to find a way to win. After losing last year in such a heart breaking fashion, they will want this one more than they did last year. I figure this will come down to a last minute possession and could be won on a shot or missed shot. Either way, prepare to be entertained and enjoy the game.

Also, be sure to check in with Kody’s Sports Korner during the game as I will have a live blog going for this game.

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  2. In the famous words of your Chloe, “this is a dream come true”. What a set up. I’m pulling for Butler all the way. One thing for sure, the little Butler coach will be a hot comodity no matter who wins. He knows how to coach, motivate and get the most from limited resources. GO BUTLER !!!!! Wonder whatever happened to Ohio State and the rest of the one seeds? Is this two “poor little sister” teams in the finals? I’d like to hear Ohio State’s president spin on this.

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