My thoughts on Women doing Play by Play

Earlier today I was listing to 105.3 The Fan in Dallas and they had a debate about ESPN using Dorris Burke as a play by play person for the recent Mavericks and Blazers playoff game. This led to a ton of phone calls and texts on the topic, which got me to thinking about this issue at hand. While I am open to the idea of a woman doing the games and even open to the idea of them calling the game in a play by play fashion. While open to it, I don’t like it, it doesn’t sound right and it throws off the enjoyment of the actual sporting event at hand.

I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and all you ever heard were old players and former coaches in the booth with the networks top play by play guy. Then they started to have sideline reporters which were also men, most former players. That was very cool to me because you could get an insight on the game and get a better understanding. While there are some great women sideline reporters who add a lot to the game, in it’s infancy that wasn’t the case, when women were first sideline reporters, it was just some eye candy to keep guys from making a beverage run during a break in the action.

Now a days you have sideline reporters like Erin Andrews who are the best in the business, but she does the work to add to the broadcast. But over the last year or so, ESPN has been rolling out Dorris Burke as a play by play person for college football, college basketball and now the NBA playoffs. Every time I tune into a game it just throws me off hearing her speak, I’m not saying she isn’t good at what she does, but it is a shell shock to hear a woman calling a Men’s sport. If she was calling a WNBA or Women’s college basketball game then it would work because it would fit the style of the game.

I am all for Women being part of sports, that is not at the issue here. But when I sit down to watch a football game, or the occasional basketball game, I would just prefer it to be a great play by play guy with a former coach or player doing the commentary. If you want to call me sexist on that, then so be it. But I bet most of you probably would agree with me, even if you don’t say it out loud.

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7 thoughts on “My thoughts on Women doing Play by Play

  1. As a woman, I say HECK NO we shouldnt be doing the play by play. Lets face it, even the most professional of us get giddy, giggly and stupid when we get excited. No one wants to hear our high pitched yells every home run or touchdown.

    Maybe if women want to do play by play we can shove them in the WNBA…no one wants to watch ponytails on the basketball court anyways. lol

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  3. Honestly, ESPN has gone way over board in getting woman in the “starting line-up” of their programs. Now you have two woman sports anchors talking about Football and basketball on a show. You have Hannah Storm, leading a discussion with three-four ex coaches or players. Enough is enough. I guess because I work with ALL women the last thing I want to see are all women invading the space the used to be reserved for men. I am not saying take the women away, I’m just saying that the numbers in the booth at any given time is too much. The way the female analysts are forced on us, makes me just want to watch the highlights on Sports Center….Well, not anymore they are probably being commentated by women as well…

    • I am not agiainst women doing the pre/post game shows and even the in-studio items. But the whole play by play thing is just not fluid enough with a woman.

  4. I’m okay with sportscasters being woman for the analysis. Woman like Michelle Beadle on ESPN Sports Nation knows her stuff and has a strong opinion. However the play by play is annoying if its a woman.

  5. I’m not against it Kody, but I agree with your thoughts. There is a time and a place…and men’s sports is not the right venue.

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