Regardless of ending; Mustangs season has been a special one

MustangsMustangs heading to New York to try to win NIT

When the season started, most “experts” and people around the program were thinking SMU would show a vast improvement from last season and probably finish around the middle of the conference. But I don’t think anyone would have expected the Mustangs to start out like they did and make it nearly the whole season without losing at home.

In fact, they finished the season with only one loss at home, and the lone loss was to defending National Champion Louisville. Even though the Mustangs lost their last three games to end the season and were “snubbed” by the selection committee, they have risen to the challenge and are taking the NIT by storm. While it isn’t the marquee tournament, the NIT is a great showcase for this program which looks to be just starting a rise to national prominence.

While SMU will hope to finish its season strong in the NIT semi-finals and possibly finals in New York, It should be said; regardless of the end result, the Mustangs have made this season one of the most special in program history. Especially since you can look back at the beginning of the year and see nobody had them even making a post season tournament.

Larry Brown has gotten the best out of this team, and looks to have the Mustangs headed in the right direction in just his 2nd season, but I think everyone can say, as long as he is at the wheel, this program has a lot of potential going forward.

The Mustangs opened “new” Moody back in January and made it a place to be and to be seen. The likes of former President George W. Bush, Tony Romo, Jason Garrett, Tony Dorsett, Vince Carter, Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban have all attended games this season. Which is a far cry from the days when it would be just friends, family and hardcore students which usually attended home games.

They just expanded Moody to 7,000 seats and the team helped to bring in nine sellouts this season, if this keeps up, maybe time for another renovation. Not to mention the 26 wins (so far) this season which ties a record for most wins in program history, they have also played 35 games this season and that also ties a program record.

At the end of this season, they will hold a record for most games played in a season and most fans hope victories in a season. In the end, regardless of what happens in New York, this has been a special season on the Hilltop and it looks like it is just the beginning.

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