Mustangs race past tigers to advance

MustangsSMU Mustangs defeat Clemson 65-59 to advance to NIT finals

In a recurring theme in the NIT tournament, the Mustangs came out looking sluggish and had trouble getting started in their semi-final game at Madison Square Garden, and they once again went in at the half with a deficit. But in True SMU fashion, they fought back and snatched victory in the final minutes.

Markus Kennedy led the way for the Mustangs with 21 points and 9 rebounds, but also had another good game from Nic Moore with 13 points and  5 rebounds. While Clemson led most of the way, it was the 13 point lead which is the largest deficit SMU has had to come back from since February 2, 2011. But once again SMU found a way to get the lead when it mattered the most and would finish the come back and make the trek to the NIT Finals.

I am sure Larry Brown is not a fan of the fact, the Mustangs have trailed every game in the NIT tournament to this point by at least 8 points, but they always fight back and win the game. The Mustangs have taken an exciting route to the finals, but most fans wouldn’t have it any other way because they are one win away from winning the NIT, which would put a very nice cherry on the season, because this team was as low as low could be after the NCAA tournament snub.

The Mustangs seemed focused and are primed to finish this run off the right way, and they will face the winner of the Minnesota and Florida State game on Thursday night. An ugly win is still a win, but I am sure fans would appreciate one game without dealing with the “cardiac Mustangs”. It is beginning to look like Larry Brown’s homecoming could be something more special than originally planned.

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3 thoughts on “Mustangs race past tigers to advance

  1. Great post Kody…as usual. What a thriller, if fact the whole season has been a thriller for SMU. Boy did they pick the right coach in Larry Brown. He is a motivator and is like a therapist when the kids are down. Let’s win this last one and put that cherry on top.

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