Monday Night Meltdown

On Monday night, the country was witness to a  total meltdown of the Dallas Cowboys. This is slowly becoming the worst fear of Cowboys fans, because the off-season moves made by the team excited the fan base and gave them hope toward the upcoming season. But in the young season the Cowboys have been a Jekyll and Hyde type team after beating the defending Super Bowl Champions, they turned around and were embarrassed by the Seattle Seahawks.

The Cowboys had put a lot of pressure on having a good showing on Monday Night, but it looked like the team just wasn’t going to be there. It was almost a comedy of errors with mis-communication and plays that would be highlights on a blooper reel. While the team will down play the mistakes and embarrassment they suffered on Monday night, it has left fans frothing at the mouth in anger. Nobody has been able to escape the blame, callers on sports talk radio are bad mouthing Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, Tony Romo and Dez Bryant with ease.

It is easy to put blame on Romo for throwing five interceptions and put more blame on Dez for his inconsistent route running and failure to still fully understand the playbook. But Jason Garret is also at fault because of his play calling and seeming lack to get any consistent play out of this team. National Media will tell you that this is a very talented team, and could be a Super Bowl contender if they end up playing at their best. I have yet to see this so called talent that ESPN  will rant and rave about.

If Monday night is any indication, then the rest of the season is a scary thought for fans, because if it gets any worse for the Cowboys then fans will be visiting their local clinics for depression medication. The upcoming bye week could either be a blessing or a punishment, because fans and media will pick apart every bit of this loss to the smallest detail during the next two weeks, hopefully the team  can fix their issues between now and then. Because fans are thinking that the Monday night meltdown against the bears is the beginning of the worst.

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3 thoughts on “Monday Night Meltdown

  1. Good post Kody. Right on the money. The talent may be there, but they have to figure out a way to make it show up.

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  3. Cody, Its time to come off the ledge. I think most Cowboy fans have a lot bigger things to worry about than last Monday night’s game. Two things in particular would be the 15% real US unemployment rate and the possibility that in spite of that we could have another 4 years of Barack Obama.

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