Mike Modano calls it a career

Earlier today on Facebook, Mike Modano posted that he was ready to end his long and successful career.

While this is sad news for any hockey fan, it is especially sad to local fans in the Dallas area, because he was the ambassador that taught Texans about hockey, and made it a sport worth watching. Dallas, Texas is not known as a hockey hot bed, but because Modano came down with the Stars franchise and won over a football crazy city, it is now more accepted to be seen wearing stars gear than it was in 1994 when the team moved here. While it was sad to see him leave the stars and play for Detroit last season, there was no animosity towards him.

Mike Modano may be one of the most popular local athletes in the Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex. While he won’t surpass players like Aikman, or Staubach as the most popular, he is by far a close 3rd to those guys. Since his official announcement isn’t expected until Friday, it is going to give fans time to think about their favorite Mike Modano moments as a Star and as an NHL hockey player. Maybe since he was the face of the franchise as a player, he will find a way to become the face of the franchise as a front office guy.

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3 thoughts on “Mike Modano calls it a career

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  2. Nice post Kody. I hate to see him leave also, but it is time. He is and has been the face of the Stars here in Dallas. I too wish him the best and hope his dreams of being a “front office” guy with the Stars will be realized. I would love to see him in some sort of owership role. He was and still can be an great ambassador for the Stars and hockey in general.

  3. My heart is breaking that he called it quits. I am still hurt with the Stars that they let him go. I do hope since he is the face of the Stars that they will have the good sense to put him in a management position so he can continue to be the hockey their ambassador.

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