Could Michael Young return to the Rangers?

Michael YoungThere was some troubling news announced this week out of Surprise, Arizona. It had to deal with some shoulder problems with the wunderkind Jurickson Profar. While it doesn’t sound like anything major at this time, what if he isn’t ready for opening day, or it requires more medical attention. What are the Rangers going to do without him at 2nd base? Well, I am sure if they wanted to they could find someone in the minors to fill a gap, but do we really want to trust 2nd base to someone who may not have played in the Majors yet? I wouldn’t want to trust that big of a spot to someone who hasn’t played at this level, especially when there is someone out there who has played with the majority of our infield and is as selfless a player as there has ever been in a Rangers uniform. Yes I am talking about Michael Young.

Now I know there will be people out there saying “please don’t say it” and shaking their heads at the mere mention of his name, but think about it, He was such a popular and selfless player when he was here and he basically got screwed around by the front office time and time again. Michael Young is sitting there in baseball shape and I am sure he would gladly come back to play one more season, and can’t we all agree once he left last year, the offensive production took a plummet. Yes there were other factors, but he has been known to make the hit or make a play when it is needed.

I think we all saw last year Profar was not nearly as ready as John Daniels made it sound, he struggled and just looked lost a lot of times. Yes, he had moments where he was great, but those moments became less and less as the season wore on. It would benefit Profar to have more time in the minors; probably Triple A for at least the first half of the season and Young can come back and play until he looks ready. This is a win-win for Young and the Rangers. Plus it will give the fans one last chance to show Young how much he was appreciated here. C’mon John Daniels, make it happen!

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  1. I couldn’t believe they let him go in the first place. He would probably tell them to “stuff it”, but he isn’t that kind of guy. I would love to see him in a Ranger uniform again.

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