Michael Young for MVP?

 Michael Young has been with the Texas Rangers for his whole career, and has put up with Moe than the average player. But that isn’t the whole point of this piece, I have written before about the way he has handled himself when asked to make changes by the Rangers brass. But one thing has always been steady with Michael Young, his play on the field. Every year Young is good for a steady average with a few home runs and some RBI’s scattered in there.

But this season Michael Young is one of the more productive players on the Rangers. While the team has had some of it’s super stars on the disabled list throughout the long and arduous season, Young has been consistently ready to play and has been one of the only players who has consistently provided the offensive spark that this team needs. While he may not always be flashy, or the type of player who will put himself above the team. He will always find ways to help the team win and do it quietly.

The fact that Michael Young is a quiet guy who will not draw attention to himself is one of the big reasons I think he deserves a chance to be in the running for AL MVP. While guys from Boston or New York will always draw national headlines and have the flash and pop that most baseball fans around the nation long for, but he will consistently hit and drive in runs that help a team win games. Sure, he won’t wow you with his season stats year after year, but look at the whole picture and his stats start to get very impressive over time.  Michael Young is the Rangers team MVP by a landslide this season and you can easily say this team would be worse off if he wasn’t in the line up every day.

The MVP award should go to the player who does the most to help their team win, and the player who the team would be lost without. And without a doubt this year, Michael Young fits that mold and he deserves serious consideration. It never turns out that way because it becomes a popularity award for the player who ends up being the flashiest or have the most padded stats. But you have to look at what Young has done for the Rangers this year alone and what he has meant for the team. Michael Young should be the MVP for this year, plain and simple.

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