Michael Young, A true teammate and leader

Michael Young has become one of the most popular and beloved Rangers players of all time. He has been a quiet leader, but yet a very strong presence on this franchise as it has been through numerous rebuilding efforts in his time here. But through out it all, Young has been loyal to the club and has done what was perceived to be best for the team. Which is why, last season when the Rangers made an unprecedented run in the playoffs, everyone was more happy for Michael Young. Every Time the team has asked Michael to do something, he has graciously agreed and has been the one Ranger player be a throwback to yesteryear.

When Michael Young joined the Rangers, he was a second basemen. But the Rangers signed Alfonso Soriano at the time and thought it would be wise to move Young over to short stop and keep Soriano at his natural position. At the time Young was a fairly new player and made the move with no gripe. But as with the Rangers history, they shipped Soriano out of here and brought up Ian Kinsler to fill that now vacated void. Meanwhile all Michael Young did at short was become an all star and a gold glove caliber player in the field. Then this past season, amid all the sale talk and bankruptcy stuff, the Rangers decided to bring up a player to be a long term answer at short stop. So, at this point Michael Young showed a little attitude at the perceived move. But as the story eventually came out, the Rangers made the decision before consulting Young. As the Elvis Andrus era began at short stop, Michael played 3rd Base and was good, but did make some errors and wasn’t always the sure thing that most fans clamored for.

As with any professional player, you make a mistake, and the fans will not let you live it down until you make up for it. But Young has never complained and always shows up and plays to the best of his ability. Then came the rumors and eventual signing of Adrian Beltre to the Texas Rangers and now Michael Young will make his 3rd move in his time at Texas. But he will make this move with a smile on his face and will show the fans and kids that this is what being a true teammate is all about.  It is said that Young will be a designated hitter and fill in at first base. This will now make Young an important part of the team, because he can now play every position in the infield except for catcher. But the thing that sticks out is the one quote you heard from Michael in this whole ordeal, he will do “what is best for the team”.

Michael Young has shown fans that in today’s climate, there are some throw back players who put the team first. And for that reason I am able to say that Michael Young is a true role model to up and coming baseball players because he does it the right way. He isn’t a flashy player, he doesn’t play for stats, all Michael Young does every day is show up and play his best to help the team win the game. If this doesn’t rank him as one of the greatest Rangers players of all time, then the system is as crooked and broken as everything else in professional sports.

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  2. This will actually extend his career and showcase his expertise at not only 1st base, but 2nd, 3rd and short stop as he is one of the few players who can play all positions and the team never loses a step. He will also prove to be a great DH. He normally hits around 300, drives in over a 100 runs with lots of doubles, triples and homers…and can even steal bases. He’ll be in the HOF one of these days and what an example to kids. He is one of the greatest Ranger players ever. Great article Kody.

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  4. Great Article. Glad you wrote it finally 😉 Young has and will always show the Rangers Organization that where ever they put him, he will succeed. Like you said, he is a great role model for all of the future HOFs out there 🙂

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