McIlory wins US Open in a landslide

Rory McIlroy almost obliterated record books yesterday at congressional during the US Open. Unlike his collapse at the Masters. McIlroy showed poise and the demeanor to become an open champion. While he is now the youngest champion at 22 years and 1 month since world war two. I found it comical that once the tournament was over and all the experts could give their thoughts and opinions, they wanted to crown this kid the next one to break Jack’s records.

That made to laugh to think that this guy wins his first major and now he will be better than Tiger Woods. It is way to early to start trying to compare him to anyone, and Rory doesn’t need that kind of pressure. He is very young and very talented, so can we just all sit back and watch him? We all saw what the constant pressure ended up doing to Tiger.

Rory could be a great thing for the PGA Tour, but throwing to much pressure and expectations on him could halt his career much like it has halted Tiger Woods’ career. While what he did was amazing, it was also very surprising to see anyone have that much ease on a US open course. This makes me wonder if we will start seeing the US Open become like every major tournament.

2 thoughts on “McIlory wins US Open in a landslide

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  2. Good article. I was pulling for him like crazy…especially after what happened to him in the Masters. What a great story about his mom and dad helping him achieve his goals. He is a lot of fun to watch, good for the game and is going to be a big draw. Golf needs that right now. Hope he keeps his head on straight…Tiger sure didn’t.

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