Dallas Mavericks playoff Chances


Do the Dallas Mavericks have a realistic shot to make the playoffs?

We have made it in the home stretch of the NBA season and with less than 15 games remaining the Dallas Mavericks are in position to sneak into the playoffs when many people within the area thought they wouldn’t even be close. As of right now the Mavs are sitting in the 8th spot just a game and a half over the Phoenix Suns. But the upcoming schedule for the Mavericks is anything but a cake walk.

If the Mavericks can stay close to Memphis and ahead of Phoenix, then it sets up for a winner take all tussle at the end of the season as the Mavericks play both teams to end the season. If the Mavs are close, then they could possibly slide up into the 7th spot, or if they are snug into the 8th spot, or even tied with phoenix, then that game will be for a playoff berth.

Now for TV purposes, it will add the drama and excitement the networks love, but for most fans, they would prefer to hopefully lock up a spot before it gets to that level. Looking at this finishing stretch, the Mavericks need to treat each game like it is a playoff game and have a “win or go home” mentality. Because if they let up and lose a couple here or there, then it could doom their playoff chances completely.

luckily for Dallas there are five home games in a row to start this finishing stretch and if they can somehow find a way to win three or more, it will put them on their way, as they play the majority of the rest of the stretch on the road except for two home games right before the final game of the year.

So sit back, strap your seat belt and hold on for the ride, because there will probably be a lot of turbulence as the Mavs bring it home to end the season.

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