Mavericks vs. Lakers preview

The Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers will meet in the playoffs for the first time in over 20 years, which is very surprising given the recent success of both clubs and consistent playoff appearances. But along with that always happens to be thought one team gets ousted before their paths could cross.

The last time these two teams met, “Showtime” was in full effect and the Mavs were a young franchise having an unbelievable playoff run that nobody expected. This time around the Mavs are a veteran team and have the ability to give the Lakers everything they can stand. But at the same time, this Lakers team is veteran and are the defending champs.

This should be an exciting series and most everyone will predict the Lakers to win the series. But you can’t count out the Mavs because they have the tools to beat the Lakers. The Mavericks need Tyson Chandler to stay out of foul trouble and keep his head about him, otherwise they will lose one of their only real inside threats. The other key for the Mavs is Dirk Nowitzki needs to use his 7-foot frame and force something inside the paint. 

The Lakers have too many weapons and can get a great game from just about anyone on the floor. But there is one bright spot for the Mavs coming into this series, there is hope that Caron Butler will be able to see some playing time. Just having him back on the floor should give the Mavs a needed boost to keep this series close.

I will step out on a limb, and I am going to predict that the Mavericks will beat the Lakers in 6. If this goes to a game 7, then the Mavs may be in trouble. If the Mavericks can swing the home court advantage in their favor, then they have a chance to win.

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2 thoughts on “Mavericks vs. Lakers preview

  1. Well the Mavs got the first one. Maybe a good omen. I’m pulling for them, but they have their hands full. I think they shocked LA with the first game. We finally got a center who can make a difference, just wish he weighed about 40 mor lbs. GO MAVS

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