Mavericks vs. Heat; NBA Finals Preview

For fans this will be deja vu all over agian as we are about to see the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks are getting ready to square off in the NBA Finals. But these two teams are very different than the teams that met in 2006, and both of these teams have fought and earned their way into the finals this year. While the favorite will be the Miami Heat and their stable of superstars, I wouldn’t expect to see the Mavericks just laydown because the “heatels” will be on the court.

The biggest key of the finals will be the home court advantage, if the Mavericks can steal one of the first two games and have the home court switch to Dallas, then this will favor the Mavericks. But the Mavericks have been a better road team this playoffs than years past. One of the biggest keys for the Mavericks is how are they going to contain Dwayne Wade and Lebron James, but even if you can control those two, Chris Bosh has been known to catch fire from time to time. This will be a tough defensive assaignment for the Mavs, but I think the improved defensive look can and will help the Mavs out.

This series will be an intersting chess match from start to finish, the Mavericks are a better offensive team than the Heat have seen all playoffs, but the same could be said for the defensive side for the Heat. The big difference in this series will come down to what the non-superstars do, this will be about the bench play from both teams. While the Heat have the bigger stable of superstars, I think the Mavericks have the better bench, and can be a bigger factor in the series.

There are two players that could make or break this series for the Mavericks, JJ Barea and Jason Terry will have to be as big a factor as they have ever been in the playoffs. Dirk Nowitzki will get his 30 points and will become Mr. clutch when the time calls for it, but Jet and Barea will have to step up and create havoc for the Heat. This could be a fun series and I wouldn’t be surprised if this goes the full seven.

I will probably be called a Mavericks homer, and people will probably say I am biased in my pick here, but I have looked at all the of the factors and I am picking the Mavericks to win the championship in 5 games. My reasoning behind this is simple, The Mavs need to win one game in Miami, then they have a chance to sweep the next three at home to clinch the title. But even if they lose one at home, the Mavericks have been a better road team than home team. Plus this Mavericks team has been able to know when they can finish a series off and do it in impressive fashion.

With everything I have seen this playoff run, it is simple to think that this team is a team of destiny.

8 thoughts on “Mavericks vs. Heat; NBA Finals Preview

  1. After seeing the game last night, I think we still have a chance. I just hope it is not the same song and second verse. The Mavs were off all night on their shots and then Wade and King James got hot. I am a die hard and think they can still hang with them. GO MAVS

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  3. Say what you will about either team or the individual players but this year’s NBA finals have been a real treat to all the fans.

  4. I think if the Mavs want to win they have to do it tonight. Game 7 at Miami is going to be a big challenge. Then again every game this series has been amazing.

  5. It was really good to see the Mavericks win. I think the Heat responded with class immediately but lets see how classy they remain over the next few weeks. *cough *cough

  6. Brilliant coaching. No-nonsens¬e players. Dirk. He doesn’t sell sneakers. He plays basketball¬, closes out games, wins. He also had more rebounds than anyone on the ground yesterday. Kidd- mature, leader, poised. Everything that makes the Mavs a team, is what Miami lacked. These were good, but not good enough to beat the very best team in the NBA.

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