Mavericks stun Lakers; go up 2-0

 I wrote earlier in the week in my preview about what the Mavericks needed to do to have a chance in the series, and now the Mavericks have done the unthinkable in the first two games of this series with the Los Angeles Lakers. After a tightly contested game one, everyone in the media thought the Mavs would get complacent and lay down and just settle for the split at the Staples center. But that was not the case, the Mavs looked unstoppable and made the Lakers just look down right silly at different points of the game.

Dirk Nowitzki showed again why people are now calling him un-guardable and was able to hit big shots when they were needed throughout the game. But the one driving force behind the Mavericks beating of the Lakers was bench star JJ Barea, he was like a pesky little gnat that nobody in yellow could do anything with. Barea buzzed around the court at will and was able to drive to the basket almost uncontested throughout the game.

Charles Barkley wants to go ahead and put the nail in the Lakers coffin, but with the game coming back to Dallas, fans can’t think that it is all but over at this point. There are still the demons from 2006 that fans keep whispering about. This team is not the same team that choked away a chance at a title back then, but theydon’t need to think the Lakers will lay down and die either.

If the Mavericks can assert their will in game 3 and prevent Los Angeles from getting any kind of momentum, then there will be a sigh of relief from the fan base. This series is far from over, but with the series coming back to Dallas, this could set up to be an exciting two games at the American Airlines Center this weekend. This team needs to take the kill shot on Friday night, or they could rue the day they give the defending champions a chance to gain any momentum.

Looks like Lakers frustration is boiling over

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2 thoughts on “Mavericks stun Lakers; go up 2-0

  1. What a great article Kody. Loved it. You bring a lot of emotion and insight to your articles…not just stats. You make me “feel” what you are talking about. Keep up the good work. GO MAVS. If they can take out the Lakers, then they can take out the Heat or who ever will be there. Maybe this is the year….

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