Mavericks in a must win game 5

After Satudays epic game 4 collapse in Portland, the Dallas Mavericks are now facing flashbacks to the 2006 finals where they melted down to the Miami Heat. The momentum on the court has shifted from what could be a series ending game here, now it is a must win to be able to survive. The only saving grace for the Mavericks in this series, is the fact that they have a game 7 here in Dallas. But if they don’t win tonight, then they will be facing a chance to lose the series(and a 2-0 lead agian) in game 6 in Portland.

This may not be the biggest game in the Mavericks franchise history, but this is going to be one of the most importaint in their history. The playoff track record for this team has been formed into a laughable one since the 2006 collapse. If the Mavericks don’t shake this monkey off their back, then they will still be labeled a soft and beatable team. One thing that tends to beat the Mavericks in the playoffs is that when a team gets physical and starts throwing their weight around, there is nobody on the Mavericks that will step up and go toe to toe.

If the Mavericks lose this series, then it is time for a complete overhaul of this franchise from top to bottom. The Managment is a joke, the coaching is becoming a bigger joke, and the players are so soft, the Mashmellow man from Ghostbusters could drive the lane for an easy lay up agianst this team. Sure, this team has won 50+ games for 11 years straight, and had some good playoff runs, but if they get ousted by the Trailblazers, it will be their third first round ouster since the 06 melt down. One of which was by an 8th seeded Golden State team.

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  1. Good article Kody. You told it like it is. It’s put up or shut up time for the Mavs. I just can’t imagine them giving up points they way they do…but they’ve been like that for a long time. Soft is a good choice of words. They better win this one.

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