Mavericks give Thunder an Oklahoma Breakdown

Last night if you stayed awake to see the end of the Mavericks and Thunder, you were treated to what will go down as one of the more epic late game melt downs in playoff history. The Thunder were up by 15 with as little as 5 minutes to go, then Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks found something within themselves to make one big push. The Mavs found themselves tied with about 13 seconds to go and needing one big defensive stop. At that point you could hear the energy rush out of the crowd, and everyone knew that the Mavericks would end up winning in overtime.

This could be a devastation loss for a very young Oklahoma City team, this was a game where they had the Mavericks on the mat, and all they had to do was just finish them off and they couldn’t complete the task. Going into game 5 the Thunder will probably throw everything at the Mavs, including the kitchen sink and the stray cat from outside, but the key will be for the Mavericks to withstand that one big push and be able to break their will in the next game and get some rest before the finals. Even if the Thunder are able to find a way to rebound and win game 5, they won’t be able to recover to win the series, all the Mavericks have to do is just find a way to win one of the next three games to end the series.

The Thunder is a young team that wasn’t even expected to be this far into the playoffs, this will be a tough learning lesson, but they will be back. The Mavericks on the other hand are a savy veteran team that is nearing the end of it’s window to win and they are taking full advantage of any luck that falls their way. Some are even saying today that the Mavericks may be the team of destiny this year. We will find out soon enough if they keep this up.

2 thoughts on “Mavericks give Thunder an Oklahoma Breakdown

  1. Wow. Great article Kody. I kept trying to go to bed, but I just could not pull myself away. My wife kept telling me they were gonna come back and I said…yeah, sure. By golly they did. One of the best comebacks in history. They all played great. Dirk is unbelieveable, but so are Jason, Jet and the rest of them. They left it all on the floor and deserved the win. GO MAVS.

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